Thrifty Logic

“The wilderness holds answers to more (1)

Thrifty Logic: How to buy a forest

Funnily enough, despite living quite rurally here in NZ one of things I miss the most from London are the little trips to our tiny local woods we used to take. Perhaps it was the sheer contrast of living on … read more

Thrifty Beauty

DIY Skin relief

Thrifty Beauty: 5 After Sun Skin Recipes

Oh no, it isn’t painful for me to write this AT ALL. Not at all! Sitting here in my wooly dress and wooly tights seeing my friends post their British Summer pictures all over the internet. Harumph. Don’t worry, when … read more

Thrifty Food

Thrifty easy thai fish cakes from leftover mash potato

Thrifty Food: Easy & Tasty Thai Fish Cakes

It’s always going to be food that gets me excited about posting, after it has been a while. We made these tonight with our leftover mash potato from yesterday – er, my days, they were DELECTABLE! Fluffy and light. And … read more

Thrifty Home

Recycled and Upcyced Glass Bottle chandelier

Thrifty Home: Upcycled Glass Bottle Chandeliers

We were at a cafe stuffing our faces with smoothies and cake on the weekend when we spotted the coolest recycled glass bottle chandelier. We are always picking up nice old glass bottles at second hand shops around the place … read more

Thrifty News


Thrifty News: Zero Waste Week is here

After many months of waiting and reflecting Zero Waste Week has arrived! I feel like it sort of rushed upon me, even though I have been thinking about how to go about it for a wee while! When it comes … read more

Thrifty Fun


Thrifty Fun: How to go sledging in the summer

Apparently, according to my sister, it is so hot in the UK right now that “No one knows what to do with themselves.” Ugh. *pulls on an extra wooly hat and jumper* It is freeeeeezing in NZ just now and … read more