Thrifty Logic

Thrifty News: How Pinterest Saves you Money and Ten Beautiful Frugal Living Pinterest Boards you need in your life

I’m not going to lie to you. The moment I have a free second online (after, of course, paying bills and replying to loved ones and re-issuing my library books and ordering the new tax form thingy and all those … read more

Thrifty Beauty

Homemade Thrifty Gifts: Lavender Sugar Scrub

Thrifty Beauty: DIY Fresh Flower Body Scrub

The winds have changed. Have you noticed? Instead of “Himalayan Salt Body Scrubs” it is now all about “Sugar Scrubs” BIG!!! Never one to sit behind the eight ball…. (I am fairly sure that is a phrase that means not … read more

Thrifty Food

Amazing alternative hot cross bun recipes

Thrifty Food: 3 Unmissable and Alternative Recipes for Hot Cross Buns

I am trying to get better and better at ritual in our family life- using activities and crafts and songs and things to mark the seasons/ mark meaningfullness. (We actually even have a ritual – lighting a candle- about brushing … read more

Thrifty Home


Thrifty Home : Upcycled Hot-Water Bottle Cover

Hello folks! It’s so good to finally be here with my first thrifty post – although Lucy is currently basking in hot weather heaven, anyone in the UK will know that it’s still freeeezing here, which is why I’m kicking … read more

Thrifty News


Thrifty News | A big announcement (and a small anniversary)

WONDERTHRIFT was launched one year ago today! I hit the floor running, posting almost everyday for about three months… And then I moved into a yurt without Internet and doing a blog post everyday was way beyond the realms of … read more

Thrifty Fun

Thrifty fun: 100 free Easter activites

Thrifty Fun | 101 free things to do this Easter

Last night we came across a vacted bird’s next in the orange tree next to our home. It was incredible! Because it was so close to human life it was mostly made out of bits of lint and flyaway cotton … read more