Thrifty Logic

Thriftifesto (A thrifter's manifesto!)

Thrifty Logic: A Thriftifesto

A Manifesto for the Thrifting Masses We are thrifty and proud! We knit, sew, build; carpenters of a future free from disposable goods and mountains of landfill. We shun the insistence of big budget advertising – new doesn’t make you! … read more

Thrifty Beauty

DIY Skin relief

Thrifty Beauty: 5 After Sun Skin Recipes

Oh no, it isn’t painful for me to write this AT ALL. Not at all! Sitting here in my wooly dress and wooly tights seeing my friends post their British Summer pictures all over the internet. Harumph. Don’t worry, when … read more

Thrifty Food


Thrifty Food: Spaghetti Pie Recipe (Luxury Picnic Food from Leftovers!)

When I was a youngster we went on a roadtrip to the mountains of Italy in our Campervan. As we left to come home one of the ancient Italian grannies we had met at the camp pressed a package into … read more

Thrifty Home

Thrifty Home: 5 Quick & Retro Kitchen Pick Me Ups

There isn’t much worse in life than an ugly kitchen, huh? (Okay, okay, I guess, like, death, and illness, and war, and racist political parties etc) But, hey, we can actually DO something about drab spaces in our home! Yes! … read more

Thrifty News

10 ways to save fuel (and, like, the planet, yeah)

We didn’t have a car the whole time we lived in London. We walked, took the bus or cycled. (I used to get an adrenaline high on my commute as a result of biking in!) Now we are in NZ … read more

Thrifty Fun

Thrifty Fun: 6 Homemade Musical Instruments

One of my suggestions for the epic list of 50 fun activities for the school holidays was making musical instruments. Well, I have spent the afternoon scrawling the world wide web for the best prototypes! (There are a lot of … read more