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Feijoa Salsa

Thrifty Food: Feijoa Salsa

Feijoa’s are basically the reason I moved to NZ. (Just kidding, family in law!)

But I do really, really, really love them.

Maybe it’s because they are delicious!

Or maybe it is just ‘cos they are mostly free.

For 2 months of the year people are basically shoving bags of feijoas at each other. They are given away free in shops. They are blanketed under your feet in almost every garden.


We have found an epic tree in my local town. The feijoas are as big as my kid’s head.

We are all eating about 17 a day. No scurvy for us! (Vit c, you know? Heaps of Vit C in those bad boys.)

Anyway, the other day I was stuffing my face with feijoas and eating a bag of nachos simultaneously. It started off like my mains and pudding but I was so hungry that I just kind of ripped into both, creating, completely accidentally A TASTE SENSATION!

It was amazing. The nachos and the feijoa. Like heaven in my mouth. Or mexico. When you discover feijoas originate from South America suddenly everything in life makes sense!

I called the kids over. YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS.

They weren’t into it.

So I knew I had to take it to the next level and actually make salsa.

It’s beyond.

10 feijoas, chopped into small bits.
Half a small onion, chopped into tiny weeny bits.
Half a clove of garlic, crushed. (Or more if you love garlic.)
Sprinkle of rock salt
Juice of a whole lime (I love lime but you don’t have to do this much.)
Half a teaspoon of whole cumin
A teaspoon of soy sauce (secret ingredient)

Mix all together and serve with nachos. Or these super tasty thrifty fishcakes.

Just so you know, the girls still weren’t into it. They nodded and smiled at what they saw as my pathetic culinary enthusiasm. Which was good cos I got to eat another bag of nachos and another 17 feijoas all by myself.

Would love to hear your favourite feijoa recipes!