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I have been trying to think about the one product I would recommend families consider using in 2015. What one thing will help eliminate chemicals, plastics and other nasties whilst providing mucho money saving?

I considered a few – coconut oil and vinegar being two of my faves. But I settled on Soapnuts, primarily because of the savings in laundry powder.

Soapnuts – an introduction

Soapnuts are the berry from the soap tree – I know, isn’t it fabulous?! They grow in South Asia and they are fast becoming known as nature’s best cleaner. It is the saponin within them that can clean everything from clothes to surfaces to hair.

Soapnuts for laundry powder?

1kg of soapnuts can provide up to 180 washes – and costs twice the price of  a box of Persil which will give you 30 washes. (£8.50 on Ebay)

It has a natural pong (add essentials oils for sweeter smells) and comes in a recyclable box. You don’t need fabric conditioner and you don’t need to wrestle with containers at the local bulk supply shop.

It is a no brainer- the perfect laundry soap.

laundry soapnuts


How to use Soapnuts for Laundry

Most boxes of soapnuts (not soapButs as I have typed every single time!) come with a little canvas bag. Pop a handful (see table for precision!) in and away you go!


Temperatures in °Celcius Dosage in Half Shells
Soft Water Hard Water
30° to 40° 5 Halves 6 to 7 Halves
60° to 95° 3 Halves 4 to 5 Halves
Contents of Pack Will Wash Approx: 240 160
Hand Washing 250ml Soap Water 400ml Soap Water
Soap nut water for cold and hand washing: put 10-12 half shells in 1 litre of boiling water. Simmer for about 10 minutes, allow to cool and fill into bottles.

Soapnuts for everything?!

I love washing my hair in soapnuts- it makes my hair so soft and shiny and thoroughly clean. (I wrote about this recently for Cosmo). The same process for making soapnut shampoo can make a general house cleaner. Just boil a handful up in a pan of water for 20 minutes and use a spoon of that liquid soap in a cup of water to clean your hair, your body and your dishes!

There goes nature – providing for our every need again. Cheers!

Would love to hear your number one product for eco living and money saving! 

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