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Thrifty News: How Pinterest Saves you Money and Ten Beautiful Frugal Living Pinterest Boards you need in your life

I’m not going to lie to you. The moment I have a free second online (after, of course, paying bills and replying to loved ones and re-issuing my library books and ordering the new tax form thingy and all those very important things that always, ALWAYS, take priority) I hop on to Pinterest. I used to love Pinterest, then I hated it – because I discovered that I wasn’t the original inventor of many of the things I thought I was- and now I love it again. Mostly I love it for the way it saves me money.How Pinterest saves me money

Need a recipe involving one mouldy turnip and some paprika? Sorted.

Need facepaint but can’t afford to handover a fiver for a pot? A DIY version found.

Need inspo for some homemade furniture? Done.

Want to make something but don’t want to pay out at the craft shop? P-I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T.

Click on through for my favourite boards for the way they inspire me, give me thrifty living tips and, most of all, remind me I am not alone in wanting to save our beautiful earth AND save money.

Eco Living from our favourite Hannah of Seeds and Stitches blog

Earth and Environment from our very own Victoria

Nature craft and Play by the ingenious Becky Goddard Hill

To Make and Do by the ever-so stylish Mel Wiggins

T is for Thrifty by the spectacular Annie Spratt and friends

Thrifty Tip Round Up by all the thrifty goddesses online ever

Recycled Crafts by the endlessly creative Red Ted Art

Homemade Gifts by the thrifty chicka Jen Walshaw

Family Fun on a Budget by frugal dame Cass Bailey

And lastly, of course, there is our own board, for when you have missed a post of ours: Best of the Blog: Wonderthrift

See you on Pinterest!

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