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Thrifty Beauty: DIY Soothing Marigold/ Calendula Salve

You know that little hunk of bees wax you have in the corner of the cupboard? Yep, the one you have already used to whip up lots and lots of gorgeous Wonderthrift beauty/ home recipes.

Get it out, kids, ‘cos I’m about to reveal the most amazing recipe yet

This stuff is AMAZING (it should be- it flipping takes three weeks) for all kinda of skin ailments. It is perfect for rashes, open sores, cuts, burns, dry skin and itchy skin. Calendula (Marigold) has incredible healing properties and steeping the oil in it brings out all the goodness.

You need:

25g bees wax
25g dried calendula flower petals
150ml oil (sunflower oil is cheapest but if you use coconut oil you get all the antiviral, nourishing and antibacterial benefits of coconut oil too!)

Start by putting the petals in the oil in a clean glass jar and leaving it on a sun drenched window sill for THREE WEEKS! Shake it daily. (I know! Booooring! But do it- it is worth it!)

Add the oil and the bees wax together and melt in a thick bottomed pan on a low heat. Once it has all mixed together strain it into a sterilised jar- pressing the petals to get as much juicy oils from them as possible.

It is so easy, yet so good. I paid £8 for a tiny tube of calendula cream and this soothing salve makes that lovely, expensive cream seem rubbish by comparison!

How are you getting on with the bees wax? Filling your cupboards with the ointments? Would love to hear from you!