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Five, four, three, two, one… THRIFT OFF!

I am a recovering cheapskate.

Ever since I had my first proper earnings, from the paperound that filled me with a sense of doom every dawn, I have been scrimping and saving. That is not normal, is it? I had the vision of a bright red Mini Cooper in my mind and knew that if I clung to my pennies I could get it one day. I turned my nose up at normal childhood pleasures and grasped my silvers in my palm.

I turned thirty last year and have two children and a lovely husband and my perspective has changed.

Now I want more than moneysaving.

Now I want to eat good food and look cool. I want to fill my children’s childhood’s with wonderful memories and have wild, adventurous holidays. I want clothes that I feel comfortable in. I want to ease pressure on the planet and I definitely want any consumerism of mine to be child labour free. I want freedom from debt, from society’s expectation and the promises of corporations. Also, The Man. I want my home to be visually exciting and warm. I want to be happy and free and thrifty and green.

And I think other people want this too.

The good thing is, I think all this stuff is compatible.

So here is Wonderthrift – living the good life on a budget. Saving money without being a cheapskate. Inspirational tips and tricks curated from across the internet.

PS I finally got a little red Mini. We bought it from eBay, two months after getting married, and, get this, it broke down on the way home.