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Thrifty Home: Free DIY Coat Hooks (thanks, nature!)

We live on an organic farm where the main house has been hand crafted from scratch. There are so many beautiful elements that make it seem to have grown out of nature itself. (It is probably a whole blog post!) One of the things I love is the use of tree branches to hang things.

Exhibit one: Massive Basket Hanging Thing

Isn’t that just stunning?

Exhibit two: Toilet Roll holder

It is possible to conjure up a little of this effect without building your own home. It is free and looks lovely!

I am a hook fanatic- we have them all over our walls for coats and hats and bags.

This took me two minutes to do. Simply choose a fabulous hooky looking branch and take a screw or too. Place the most straight edge against your wall and use a screw driver to screw it in.

Add bag/ hat/ coat.

Thanks nature!