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Thrifty Family: Reusable Toilet Paper- 10 Reasons to Use The Family Cloth

I am not a particularly squeamish person (anything for a bargain!) but when I first heard the term “Reusable Toilet Paper” even I was ever so slightly horrified. However, I have delved into this topic a little bit and am finding myself being quite persuaded on it!

We use a lot of toilet paper and getting the most environmentally friendly version can cost a pretty penny. Is it possible that beginning to use “The Family Cloth” could save a fair bit AND be even more eco?

Here are ten reasons that have made me think seriously about reusable toilet paper:

It saves money. Really, at 50p a roll using 4-5 rolls a week that is £125 a year! That could go towards my hols!

It saves the planet. It seems like quite a minor thing for a family to change but if the world on the whole used less loo roll the earth would be thanking us.

It’s not actually gross. You just cut up heaps of squares of tee shirt material and keep them in a box on top of the loo. Used squares go in the swing bin next to the loo and then you chuck the whole lot in a hot wash when you do cloth nappies or other stuff.

It really gets you CLEAN!

You can use it wet or dry. Sometimes you need a little more help, damp cloths would work a treat.

It can be like a treat for your butt- make it smell nice etc. People sometimes add a few drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil with olive oil an a dash of vinegar for the cloths to sit in their box with.

It leaves no trace. You know sometimes toilet paper leaves a few bobbly extras around your bits? Not with The Family Cloth!

It can totally replace baby wipes as it is perfect for sorting out soiled baby bottoms!

It doesn’t have to freak out your guests- you can have toilet paper there for them to use and they wouldn’t even have a clue.

Or you can TOTALLY freak out your guests, leaving no loo roll but just instructions in the toilet about how to use the reusable cloths. Harhahahaha!

So, what do you reckon? Is The Family Cloth too frugal even for you? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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