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Thrifty News: Want to become parents? You won’t need a penny

Just two days ago I posted the news article that raising a child from 0-21 will, on average, set people back a quarter of a million pounds. It was a shocking piece – how on earth are we spending so much on our children?

Well. Thank goodness for people like brave Hattie Garlick. Hattie has captured hearts across the world with her year of no spending, documented on her fantastic blog, Freeourkids.co.uk. This time last year Hattie vowed to not spend a dot on her wee lad for 365 days and despite a few hairy moments, NAILED IT.

We need people like Hattie to show us that another way is possible. That we can shrug off those persuasive powers that convince us love = money. That we can live a live full of joy and happiness without all the extras.

Watch this most frugal of families make their screen debut:

Thanks Hattie!