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Homemade Thrifty Gifts: Lavender Sugar Scrub

Thrifty Beauty: DIY Fresh Flower Body Scrub

The winds have changed. Have you noticed? Instead of “Himalayan Salt Body Scrubs” it is now all about “Sugar Scrubs” BIG!!! Never one to sit behind the eight ball…. (I am fairly sure that is a phrase that means not missing the boat or… something….) here is an absolute FAVE gift idea… Fresh Flower Sugar Scrub! This is smoothing and luscious on your skin plus it is made in moments, highly personalised and cheaper than chops…

You will need:

A jar
Two Cups of Sugar (you can actually also just use salt…. although you will not be regaled on Pinterest)
Half a cup of melted coconut oil
Half a cup of Fresh flowers or herbs of your choice. I chose lavender as they are abundant at the moment and provide a super relaxing scrub… however Calendula/ Marigold Flowers will give a pop of yellow and will sooth the skin… Rosemary and chamomile are both nice for irritated skin (as is sugar, as opposed to salt) and you can search here for a botanical choice that will suit your friend.

Mix the oil and the sugar together and then stir in the flowers. Add petals to the top and to the tag to make this feel lush. Keep in the fridge and use within a month – very easy to do!

The whole thing takes 5 minutes and costs a buck yet looks pretty beauty. 

We will be highlighting some of the thriftiest Christmas pressie ideas over the coming weeks- so keep your eyes peeled!