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Thrifty Fun: An epic, free activity for the whole family

Sometimes something comes along that is so BASIC that I find it hard to figure out why it isn’t more of A Thing, y’know?

Picture the scene. unny, a bit windy, a bit chilly, not swimming weather but definitely outside weather. A make-do picnic. A whole RABBLE of kids. A steep hill. One cardboard box.

How much time do you think could be spent, in these circumstances?


Introducing Dry Hill Sliding.

It is some of the best free family fun you could wish for. We were hanging with our brilliant friends, Us In A Bus. (Well, that is the name of their website, but also what we call them. I think they should officially change their last name, personally.) They are a family of six travelling NZ in their massive bus, indefinitely. Four young boys. They’ve pretty much seen it all. But THEY HADN’T SEEN THIS! And they loved it! And there were, like, only 3 minor injuries! (I kid. Just a few tears. No wounds.)

Take a firm box. A small, steep hill. Ideally the grass will be sort of long- this adds a buoyancy and stems the carnage. Set the box on the hill and sit in it cross leggedly, bending the bottom of the box over your legs. Lean right back (this stops you going head over feet – eh, Juno? Yeah, the youngest bailed.) and get someone to give you a shove.


(Photo by Ange of Usinabus.co.nz)

As we packed up our picnic, pretty exhausted, I looked around the hill and saw people of every age with their own box, sliding down this beautiful Devonport hill. Turns out it IS a thing, here in this spot. Good one, you thrifty families!

Let me know how you get on!

PS- Check out these five awesome cardboard box activities that the excellent Maggy of Red Ted Art wrote on my other blog.