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Thrifty Home: How to clean with old tea

I was intrigued to find the recipe for a cleaner made from tea in a retro book last week. Old tea bags can work as a cleaner? That would make this cleaner pretty much FREE?!? And completely non toxic!

Here’s what the book told me:
Save all the tealeaves from your teapot for a week. Add 1 L of boiling water and let stand for one hour. Strain and bottle. This will clean most surfaces such as Lino, furniture, mirrors, windows, doors and will polish up to a gloss with a soft duster.”

I tried it out with a more modern version – 10 tea bags from our week- and GUESS WHAT?! It worked a treat! It is going to go in a spray bottle to be used willy-nilly.

Apparently it is the tannin in the tea that has cleansing properties. *Nods scientifically*

Be careful not to use it on anything that would stain, of course.

Thanks Gwen Nash and “Stretch Your Money”

Do you have any old folk cleany tips?