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Thrifty Fun: 50 Free Dates

My first date with my husband was a coffee that turned into a picnic which turned into a swim then a barbecue then a hot chocolate out and a trip to the cinema. It just kept going and going; we really liked each other. *nostalgic face* (I wish we had a list of free date ideas for our first six months together as we used all our ideas up on that first day…)

Valentines Day is just around the corner and maybe you want to make your first date special on a budget or maybe you want to romance your partner but don’t have a spare penny.

Well, as ever, Wonderthrift to the rescue!

I read somewhere that the most successful dates are those that encourage the release of endorphins and that make you feel as if you are really experiencing something together. So not only is this list a list of fifty FREE date ideas (okay, maybe one or two cost a few quid) but it is also a bit alternative.

Your job is to ignore the ones that resemble the kind of activity you might normally get up to and instead consider the ones that you think sound a bit weird. That way your date will be extra special and you’ll be floating about loved up and high on endorphins.

Play Catch at a kid’s playground late at night
Swing on the swings

Dress up fancypants and make homemade cocktails

Go to a busy part of town and play Peg It Forward

Organise a DIY swing party (this is the most fun that I’ve ever had in my own lounge)
Organise a DIY poker night with matchsticks (instructions online)
Organise a fondue night- and take the rules seriously

Light candles and listen to classical music
Stargazing! It’s a classic for a reason! Dress up warm, grab a blanket and download the stargazing app.
Climb a tree – find one where you can sit comfortably at the top and see all around
Build a rope swing.
Make a fire on the beach/ in a forest and toast marshmallows
Skim stones
Play pooh sticks

Enjoy the buskers arm in arm
Busk- then spend the money frivolously

Make a mural using old china.

Life drawing (each other, naked…We didn’t have a TV for our first year of marriage)
Body paint each other

Use YouTube to learn stuff together:
Learn to knit
Learn origami
Learn Spanish
Learn magic tricks together
Teach yourselves to salsa

Do a yoga session (YouTube or an app)
Go for a swim (plan for when jacuzzi/ fun slides are open)
Dress up eighties and go roller skating with skates you find in the second hand store
Borrow a friend’s Wii and take each other DOWN
Make a short film/ music video

Visit the museum
Visit the observatory
Visit the art galleries

Write a story together
Write a song together
Interview each other- prepare five Q’s each

Make seed bombs and chuck them into wasteland

Bake a cake

Massage each other
Climb the tallest building you can find and watch the sunset
Read a book to each other
Go to an organised games night (Scavenger hunt for grown ups? Too much fun.)

Play Scrabble
Go for a bike ride (late, late at night or at dawn for still eeriness)
Go for a walk- download a city guide to listen to
Go for a hike
Borrow a ball and play basket ball at the local hoop
Borrow rackets and play tennis in the park


Have you had a spectacularly thrifty romantic date? Do share your ideas!