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Thrifty Food: Changing the way you use garlic will save you money

This moneysaving trick involved my second most favourite thing in the world (the first is my family, obvs) – GARLIC. Flipping love this stuff. So tasty and miraculously healthy.

A couple of years ago I did the Live Below The Line challenge which involved living on less than £1 a day for a week. It meant I had to somehow make a whole bulb of garlic last me one week (I could use a bulb of garlic in one meal, ordinarily) whilst maximising the flavour.

The way to do it is to add your garlic in towards the very end of your cooking.

Often recipes call for garlic to be cooked alongside onions at the start- it’s a sad thing as because of the high sugar content in garlic it cooks way faster than onions and the flavour is reduced with cooking. Ignore them- these chefs know nothing! Listen to me, I’m the QUEEN OF GARLIC.

To save money, I use just 1-2 segments of garlic and crush it finely (actually I don’t bother with peeling – I simply grate it straight into the meal using an ordinary grater- the skin stays on the finger side and the garlic is crushed into the meal) and add it minutes before the end of the cooking.

For thick, saucy things (such as bolgonaise) add it about 5-10 minutes before the end.
For drier, frying stuff add it (such as stir fry) add it 1-2 minutes before the end.

You’ll work out your ideal timings depending on how much flavour you like.

Much less garlic used with each recipe AND flavour is maximised AND less fathy peeling and crushing (yawn.)

Also, psssst, you know those expensive “Get rid of the garlic smell on your fingers” implements? The ones you get in kitchen shops and things? They work simply by being stainless steel- so you can rub your fingers on anything made of stainless steel and the smell will go! I used to use my tap. The Queen of garlic, I tell you!

Okay, come on, I’ve revealed one of my favourite thrifty kitchen tricks – what are yours?
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