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Thrifty Beauty: Homemade Natural Hair Wax

Have you bought your bees wax yet? You know how you were so inspired by that recipe for lip balm? Oh. Right, I’ll give you two ticks to get on with that.

Got it? Cool. So here is an EVEN EASIER recipe for natural hair wax. Actually it is exactly the same, just different proportions.

Melt one lot of coconut oil (one spoon if just trialling it or one cup if you are gun-ho) in a saucepan with a quarter of a lot of bees wax (so quarter a spoon or quarter of a cup.)

Melt together and pour in a jar to cool. Use sparingly as it really works! It smells DELICIOUS and the coconut oil acts as a conditioner and the wax holds your style. Blooming brilliant.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any other bees wax recipes!