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Thrifty News: The House of Recycled Windows

From windows to windows.

I love windows.

(“Are you just saying it because you saw it?”)*

No, seriously, windows ROCK. Letting in the sunshine and all that. Especially now they are SUPER CLEAN. *high fives*

This couple must think they rock too as they hit up all the second hand shops and built an entire house of them. 

Isn’t it beautiful? And thrifty as HECK.

It is the the mountains and they watch the sunsets and snog and stuff.

Actually they probably don’t have *that* much time to snog because they’ll be cleaning windows most of the time. And that is a lot of window cleaner they are going to get through. (I should really send them my tea cleaner recipe, eh?)

And also good luck keeping it warm in the winter…

*slightly jealous*

What is the coolest recycled house you have ever come across? 

*Dull explanation of joke: Reference to one of the funniest movie moments courtesy of Anchorman.

Story and photo from Inhabitat.