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10 ways to save fuel (and, like, the planet, yeah)

We didn’t have a car the whole time we lived in London. We walked, took the bus or cycled. (I used to get an adrenaline high on my commute as a result of biking in!) Now we are in NZ and live fairly rurally a car is a bit of a must. Being a cheap skate, and being quite eco-minded, I’ve been doing a bit of research about how I can save as much petrol as possible whilst driving. 

Here are a few pointers – do share your own!

1- Be specific about when you change gear- between 2000 and 2500 rpm is the most cost efficient moment to switch to a higher gear!

2- Save petrol by working on hills better- build up speed before the incline and ease off the gas close to the top and coast the rest. (So says the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority!)

3- Don’t idle! If you are going to be parked for more than 1 minute switch off!

4- Switch off your gadgets – heated seats and even AC all take up precious fuel.

5- Sort out your tyres- make sure they are pumped up and when getting new ones choose “low rolling assistance” ones.

6- Tidy up! Every bit of rubbish in your car causes drag and uses fuel. Have a good empty every couple of days. (I REALLY need to do this one!)

7- Maintain your car well – a good tune up could save £50 petrol a year.

8- Take it easy, but not dead slow- aim for a moderate sped without too much acceleration.

9- Car Pool. The internet is full of databases of people looking to share their car journeys. I used to use this to commute to Oxford from London and it worked like a dream!

10 -When it is time for you to get a new car go for something small, stream lined and ideally hybrid. This could save you over £700 a year!

I’d love to hear how you try and be a greener driver!