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Thrifty Beauty: The DIY Body Scrub that will make you think you’ve got a new body

The recipe for this four ingredient Body Scrub was given to me by the most glamorous of Czech-Australians. “You meex it all togezza, into a paste, and zen you rrrrub it all over- you come out of ze shower feeling as if you have a whole new body!”

I’ve just made a batch for myself and tried it out- indeed it is the most zingy, refreshing homemade body scrub I have ever tried. And you probably have every ingredient already in your kitchen.

1 cup of soft brown sugar
1 table spoon of honey
5 table spoons of olive oil
5 table spoons of crushed black pepper

Mix into a paste and rub all over your body!

However. Um. Some bits of your body aren’t meant to zing too much. So. Er. Be careful around, ah, certain areas…