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Delicious Fritters from Leftovers (recipe)

Thrifty Food: Lipsmackingly Foolproof Leftover Fritters

I am busting out all my hidden gems of thriftiness in an attempt to woo you  into the Thrift Trooping gang. (Oh, you want to join this cool team of thrifty lovers of life, saving money and the planet?! Do so on Facebook or through emails using the sign up form on the right.)

This here is a recipe that will delight all who devour it and it is made using whole plates of leftovers, all and any leftovers. I have even made this with the end bits of a whole Thai takeaway and it was THE BUSINESS!

It is a tragic fact that we (the UK) chuck away about a third of all of our food. We really have got to get better at making truly scrumptious meals from good scraps. 

4 cups of leftovers – vegetables/ rice/ potatoes/ meat/ legumes

1 egg

1 cup self raising flour

1 heaped spoon sugar

1 heaped spoon curry powder

1 drop of milk

On a big bowl mix the egg/s into your leftovers

Mix the flour in bit by bit – depending on how wet or dry your leftovers were you will need all of it or half of it.

Texture wise it needs to be something like bread dough- in between sloppy cake mixture and dry biscuit mix.

Shake the curry powder on and add the sugar- mix well.

Fry some oil on medium heat (er, I’m a “more the merrier” girl when it comes to fat, y’know?)

Drop loaded spoonfuls of mixture on to the pan

Fry them on medium heat- you need them to really cook all the way through while not burning on the outside.

They should take about 5 minutes on each side- I drop about 5 in  pan at a time.

Serve with some mango chutney and a bit of salad- the perfect Leftover Lunch.