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Thrifty Home: Misspelling on Ebay for a Bargain

I am not the biggest fan of Ebay- I prefer the more hardcore, sift-through-the-crap approach of charity shopping. But when I have something in mind and I’ve been looking unsuccessfully for a while I do often turn to this behemoth of the secondhand world.

I have accidentally come across a little trick of securing a bargain. It worked spectacularly for me when I was hunting for old factory lights for our kitchen.

Searching for the usual “vintage lights” “retro shades” or “factory lighting” returned scores of VERY expensive (£150 a light) options. When I replaced “vintage” or “retro” for “old” my results narrowed massively but what I was left with was much cheaper. When I replaced “old” for “traditional” my results narrowed even more, but now we were onto seriously cheap, cool looking lights. When I replaced “traditional” with “trditional” – completely accidentally missing out the A one time, I had hardly any results. Just one- the vintage factory lights that ended up in my kitchen. They were listed as “Trditional lights” for a Buy Now price of £12.50

So, remember, when looking for a bargain on Ebay not being the brightest bulb in the box can really help!

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