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Thrifty Home: 5 Quick & Retro Kitchen Pick Me Ups

There isn’t much worse in life than an ugly kitchen, huh?

(Okay, okay, I guess, like, death, and illness, and war, and racist political parties etc)

But, hey, we can actually DO something about drab spaces in our home! Yes! Let’s eradicate them in those spare moments between sorting out tax returns and the school run!

1- Paint and paint! The first thing we did in our last pokey cavern filled with pine was to throw up some white paint. INSTANT brightness and it took about 3 hours. We then took to painting shelves and units in bright colours knowing it would be so easy to take them down and repaint if we ever wanted a change.

2-Hang tea towels. If you have a frame, frame a retro tea towel (available at all good second hand shops!) or if no frame use a dowel like the cunning Mel Wiggins.

3- Packets are ugly, lentils are bright! Stick pastas and dried beans in big jars (hey, also available in all good second hand shops!) and leave them on counter tops and shelves. The different colours and textures will add a lovely curiosity to your kitchen.

4- Fresh Flowers. Whenever we have guests over I love to put some fresh flowers out. They can pick up a kitchen from doom and gloom. (See this Guide for finding cheap ones.)

5- Take an hour to add some pizazz to your cutlery or utensils. A bit of bright paint on the handles mean you can have these in a tin on the counter looking all glam and free up a drawer for something you don’t want on show.

Have you done anything quick that has added some beauty to your drab kitchen? Would love to hear from you!

PS- More pictures from our old kitchen on my other blog, Lulastic.