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Thrifty Home: Five Fun DIY Fridge Transformations

You know the saying- the fridge maketh the kitchen. (I actually made this saying up the day we drove 200 miles and back to pick up a retro-style fridge, and then had to go to extreme lengths to squeeze it through the front door.)

We can all agree that Smegs, despite their name, are the most enviable Fridge out there. But unless you have a squillon spare wads of cash it’s quite unlikely you’ll ever own one of these cool retro beasts.

Worry not, kitchen lovers- Wonderthrift to the rescue!

Here are five of the most fun fridge transformations, ranging from simple and not too permanent, to quite involved Lifers:

1-Over on How Does She Alysha shows how the repainting old frame trick can be applied to your fridge too. I love that this still allows for the kid’s artwork to be on display and that it is a makeover that is incredible cheap.

2-Hannah, on the fantastically gorgeous and thrifty, Seeds and Stitches blog has slapped a bit of chalkboard paint on the front of her dull metallic fridge and HOLY SMOKES, it is cool! Perfect for menu planning and messages.

3- Apartment Therapy show off what a bit of wall paper can do to your fridge here- it is like combining the awesomeness of a feature wall with the hiding of an old appliance- genius!

4- The first fridge we ever owned was given to us by a friend and was already painted a bright turquoise. It filled our tiny kitchen with retro brightness. In fact it was ever so much like this beautiful makeover by Hannah on the fabulous Cozy Crooked Cottage.

5- But the fridge that takes the biscuit has to be Chevron Stripes Fridge by Meghan on her stunning blog A Pocket Full of Pretty. A proper Statement Fridge. Just brilliant, and she shows you how!

Have you restyled your fridge? Huh? Didn’t know you had to? Ah, the perils of the internet, eh?