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Thrifty Activities: 5 Exercise Apps for Frugal Fitness

My absolute favourite app is Yoga Studio. Considering each yoga class is between £10-15 I have saved about £1000 since getting this app 3 months ago. (Plus you should SEE the quality of my core strength and general mindfulness!)

App designers have found ways to help people exercise in the comfort of their own home, whilst keeping motivation and encouragement high. No need to pay mega bucks for gym membership or even snazzy lycra! (Bit of a bummer, I know.)

Here are five top apps for frugal fitness – just click on the title for more info:

Yoga Studio:
The best £1.99 I have spent! I couldn’t rave about this more. It has over 30 existing classes for all competencies and several hundred poses more so you can build your own. Sometimes I can only squeeze in a short 15 minute session, but sometimes I get a whole hour. I love it.

A free app that tracks your runs, hikes and walks through GPS. Reader Rebecca says “I’m just a little bit competitive and seeing that someone else has run makes me go out”

My Fitness Pal
My fitness Pal works with your own weight loss programme and tracks calories with your fitness. One Winderthrift fan says “I like its no nonsense, no fad, no hard sell approach to healthy eating and exercise. It is a calorie counter foremost but there is loads of other nutritional information on it. I even used it to keep an eye on my iron intake in pregnancy. And it is fantastically easy to use (barcode scanner on the phone app for the win!)

Endomondo also tracks calories, as well as heart rate and speed. Reader Rachel says “Endomondo here (I use it to record runs, walks, swims, anything that means I can eat more cake)”

Workout Trainer
This free app provides workouts for all abilities and can be tweaked so you can work on specific parts of the body. Pfft, who needs a personal trainer, eh?

Have you found any thrifty hacks for getting fit in a free or cheapo way? Would love to hear from you!