Thrifty Beauty: All natural, two ingredient lip balm

Anyone who reads my other blog, will know I am a fan of coconut oil. Perhaps the biggest fan in the world. I kneel at the alter of coconut… It is my deodorant, hair conditioner, teeth cleaner and moisturiser.

I have recently bought some bees wax and it has taken my use of coconut oil to the NEXT LEVEL!

Bees wax sounds like a tricky thing to get hold of but it is all over the internet and is dead cheap. I got a small hunk for £2. Splash out because you can really do stuff with beeswax…

For now, here is a super basic but AMAZING lip balm recipe. I tend to avoid lip balm as my lips become so needy, wanting more and more of it. So I only bust it out on windy as days or days when I am doing a lot of talking. (Erm… That’s most days.)

This is kind of where the tutorial gets a bit ridiculous. It is so easy.

Take some coconut oil, and some bees wax- in equal measures. So a spoon of coconut oil and a spoon of bees wax- or more if you are super keen. Put in a sauce pan and gently heat until it mixes together.

TADA! Yep, that’s it!

The coconut oil is so very, very moisturising and the bees wax acts like a barrier. It smells and tastes pretty yum and I think you are going to LOVE IT.

And now you’ve bought your bees wax you will be ready for all the other DIY natural beauty recipes involving bees wax coming up over the next month or so.

12 comments on “Thrifty Beauty: All natural, two ingredient lip balm

  1. Godsend! EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I’ve recently discovered the beauty of coconut oil though I wish I’d know of cheaper purchase options in UK – any pointers anyone please? Can’t wait for deodorant and teeth cleaner recipes!

    • Tesco do it for £5 a tub- I use mine for moisturisers, hair and teeth and its lasted 6 months. I keep another in the fridge for cooking with.
      Holland and Barrett often include it in their penny sale. You really don’t need a huge amount.

  2. Excellent. Just enjoying my smoothest lip balm experience so far – so easy! Only thing is… now I can’t stop licking my chops to verify their softness. That’s fine though, knowing that the ingredients are all organic and edible. :)

    • Well, yeah, I just used approximate spoons, and I grated my beeswax so perhaps there was more air? However, have you tried warming it up in the palm of your hand? Because it is cold over there both the wax and the oil would be stiff. Try and melt it a little before applying? I would add a little more coconut oil if it doesn’t.

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