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Thrifty Beauty: The top secret high-end skin ingredient that you probably own

The very first thrifty tip Wonderthrift has chosen to reveal is a very simple one, but very, very timely. What? No, I’m totally not saying your skin looks a bit dull/ pimply because you have indulged in too much booze and celebratory cheese over the festive period! (I am.)

Skin is a pesky old organ (seriously, it’s an organ, google it) and doesn’t really love much apart from sleep, water and vegetables.

You COULD add “Sleep more” and “Eat better” to your New Years resolutions today but maybe you need a quick fix.

Maybe you need a top secret ingredient, present in the most luxury, fanciest skin products available to buy, one that is SITTING IN YOUR BATHROOM CABINET RIGHT NOW!


For real, it is the one trick I have used that genuinely adds a glow and makes you feel fresh. So much does it add a glow that I don’t use it that much because anything that works that well must be a bit nuclear. Eep.

Take 3 soluble aspirin (packets of 80 for about 33p available in the supermarket)

Dissolve them in a tiny drop of water to make a spreadable paste.

Spread it on your just washed face and leave for five minutes.

Wash it off and pat dry with a towel.

Your skin loves you again and won’t revolt for a good wee while in penance.

PS Keep reading, it’s not always this shallow – coming up on Wonderthrift this week we have upcycling galore, the world’s thriftiest youngster and why thriftiness keeps you kind…

12 comments on “Thrifty Beauty: The top secret high-end skin ingredient that you probably own

  1. Also good for dandruff and ‘product build-up’ on your hair. rub the paste into your scalp. Bi carbonate of soda also works well as a shampoo if you rise with diluted cider-vinegar.

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