Thrifty Fashion: Eco and Frugal Wedding Rings

“If you like it then you should have put a (frugal and environmentally friendly) ring on it!”

What are your options for inexpensive and eco/ fairly traded engagement and wedding rings? Here are some ideas to consider:

Estate Jewellery
The engagement and wedding bands pictured are on my cousin’s hand and were from Trade Me (New Zealand version of EBay) for a true bargain. She tells me that she had the choice of many beautiful vintage rings for just a fraction of the cost. You just can’t be weird about wearing rings from a deceased person…
Get searching amongst antique dealers and Ebay- or better yet, Great Granny’s jewellery box.

Small, Independent Designers
My own ring was made for me by my brilliant goldsmith friend. You might not all have goldsmith mates- but there are many brilliant independents doing wedding bands out there.

A browse on Etsy returns heaps of options- one reader used Etsy and found a goldsmith in Berlin she was delighted with.

CRED go that one step further by using certified Fair Trade silver and gold and their designs are stunning.

Non Conflict Diamonds
The diamond industry is wrought with injustice and human rights abuses, it is on a slow journey of recovery. Specify specially labeled Conflict Free diamonds or choose man made diamonds, as I did. You cannae tell the difference!

DIY Wedding Rings
If you live on the UK you and your partner can do a course with the London Jewellery School and make your own. I absolutely love this idea- what a special thing to do together before your wedding, too.

Melting other jewellery
Another way I saved on my wedding ring was by melting my engagement ring into it! I wanted to keep my engagement ring but I didn’t want two very different, very precious rings. So I used one to make the other.

How did you marry your conscience and your budget when choosing your wedding rings?

16 comments on “Thrifty Fashion: Eco and Frugal Wedding Rings

  1. I bought my husband a commitment ring many years before we decided to actually get married and we consider melting that the 21st ring he got from his parents but eventually it was decided that the ring I had bought him previously would serve perfectly and meant more than going out and buying another one, it also helped our budget greatly. x
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  2. We got my wedding and engagement ring secondhand from A R Ullman in Hatton Garden. They were a fraction of the cost they would have been new as well as eco. It was easy to find two rings that roughly matched, most people who see them think that they are a set. I also got the schadenfreude of looking through the box of wedding rings and finding ones engraved with messages like ‘love forever’ and a recent date. (The shop reassured me that those could be polished off if I bought a ring with an engraving.)

  3. I absolutely love this! I got married back in July and my wedding ring came from the second hand part of a little family run jellewers. The best part was it fit me perfectly and only cost £59!

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