Thrifty easy thai fish cakes from leftover mash potato

Thrifty Food: Easy & Tasty Thai Fish Cakes

It’s always going to be food that gets me excited about posting, after it has been a while. We made these tonight with our leftover mash potato from yesterday – er, my days, they were DELECTABLE! Fluffy and light. And incredibly easy and cheap to whip up.

This makes around 10 fish cakes, so would feed two or three people as a main, accompanied with a robust salad. Or they’d make a great starter for a dinner party – with some asparagus spears on the side. (How we had them…Mmmm.)


Two cups of left over mash potato. (If you mash especially for it, mash it well, with butter and milk so it is creamy!)
A can of tuna
1/4 of an onion chopped very, very fine
A clove of garlic crushed
A teaspoon of thai curry paste, red or green. (None of this? Chuck your favourite spices in!)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
Parsley or herbs to taste
One egg
1/2 cup of coconut oil or butter for cooking

So, it gets tricky here…. Put it all in a bowl and mix it up, really well. Okay, now let’s fry!

The trick here is to give them quite a long fry, so they cook through well. They should be 7 minutes (ish) on each side, on a medium heat. You want them crunchy! Careful flipping them over, they are so fluffy and light that until they are cooked on both sides they are a little delicate. The good news is that they taste delicious even when they get a bit overdone, so you don’t have to watch like a hawk. I fried them in shed loads of coconut oil because that stuff is SO GOOD FOR YOU!

Eat up, folks!

2 comments on “Thrifty Food: Easy & Tasty Thai Fish Cakes

  1. As someone who was privileged to sample taste these, I confirm with great gutso, they were AMAZING….very very tasty, the zing from the thai green curry paste was delicious. Highly recommend these beauties.

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