Thrifty Fun: 76 ideas for celebrating Valentines Day for free

Ah, Valentines Day- the one day in the year that we can be free from consumerism and simply celebrate LOVE!

Er, or not.

If advertising was much to go by, it would be easy to believe that you can only show love by spending loadsa dosh.

Good job us thrifty folk know it ain’t so, eh?

Here are a few ideas to celebrate free luuuurve! (Not like that, you cheeky ones, I mean celebrating love in a free way, yeah?)

Print out your own fabulous free card
Mammasaurus has this absolutely gorgeous floral card she designed from some photos she took. You’ll have to go to her site to get the print quality version.

But if flora isn’t your thing – have a peep at these 20 others.

Give a free present that needs just paper and pen
Write out 52 reasons you love your partner so there is a card for them to reach each week of the year. Once you get writing you’ll find reasons pouring out of you and by the end of the writing you will be even more in love! Check out these two other easy ways to give a gift of love with just a paper and a pen.

Go on a free date
Going out for a fancy posh meal is soooo 2008. The best dates are quirky and free! Scan this list for fifty fun and alternative ideas.

What are your thrifty ideas for a free Valentines Day?

2 comments on “Thrifty Fun: 76 ideas for celebrating Valentines Day for free

  1. I love the 52 reasons gift. Will definitely do this one this year. Wouldnt it be a great gift to give your children as well!! might keep that one stored away for later!!

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