Thrifty Garden: The Christmassy secret for fantastic strawberry growing

I risk the possibility of alienating many of my Northern Hemisphere readers with this excellent tip. The thing is it is far too good to keep it in. Perhaps you wonderful Brits and Americans might, for just a few moments, imagine you are not stuck inside watching howling -50 winds cause havoc in your garden. Imagine instead, that you are in Australia or New Zealand, tending strawberries with the warm sun on your back.

(Don’t hate me.)

Christmas has been and gone and it is about time you got rid of the tree. STOP! NOT SO FAST! Cut off your drying branches and place them around the bottom of your plants. Fit them in amongst your strawberries.

The pines will prevent water evaporating – keeping much needed moisture in the soil. It will provide the perfect bed for your strawberries to grow on. It is a perfectly free gardening aid and uncannily timed!

My fabulous mother in law told me about this and says that within two days her strawberries had gone OFF THE HOOK! (She didn’t use that term, though. She isn’t quite as Street as me.)

How wonderthrifty!

PS Northern hemisphere peeps – save this tip as hay is an ideal substitute for pine. Summer will be there one day.

One comment on “Thrifty Garden: The Christmassy secret for fantastic strawberry growing

  1. I was going to exclaim that I didn’t know you were a gardener, but then maybe it’s your MIL who is? Cool tip, either way :)

    I don’t garden, really, and my one attempt at (Southern Hemisphere) strawberries was very successful for the birds who ATE THEM ALL but not really for me. So oddly enough given this post, I associate strawberry gardening with the UK because *my* wonderful mother-in-law in Somerset has an enormous garden full of berries and that’s usually when we’re there. Aaahhh. Strawberries. Making me hungry again, Lucy!
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