Thrifty Home: How to clean with old tea

I was intrigued to find the recipe for a cleaner made from tea in a retro book last week. Old tea bags can work as a cleaner? That would make this cleaner pretty much FREE?!? And completely non toxic!

Here’s what the book told me:
Save all the tealeaves from your teapot for a week. Add 1 L of boiling water and let stand for one hour. Strain and bottle. This will clean most surfaces such as Lino, furniture, mirrors, windows, doors and will polish up to a gloss with a soft duster.”

I tried it out with a more modern version – 10 tea bags from our week- and GUESS WHAT?! It worked a treat! It is going to go in a spray bottle to be used willy-nilly.

Apparently it is the tannin in the tea that has cleansing properties. *Nods scientifically*

Be careful not to use it on anything that would stain, of course.

Thanks Gwen Nash and “Stretch Your Money”

Do you have any old folk cleany tips?

One comment on “Thrifty Home: How to clean with old tea

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this. Yes, tea is mildly astringent, which is what shifts grease. You can also scrub with tealeaves as they are mildly abrasive.

    I also love leftover lemon segments. The best possible ‘product’ for lifting limescale off of taps. Not to mention vinegar and newspaper for washing windows, once again astringency and a mild abrasive edge.

    I blogged about waste as a cleaning product during Zero Waste Week (http://thedoublelifeofmrsm.wordpress.com/2014/09/01/zero-waste-week-on-cleaning-waste/), not that I’m a cleaning geek!
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