Thrifty Home: DIY Ceiling Hung Clothes Drying Rack

Ceiling Hung Clothes Drying Rack?! Surely there is a catchier name for this thing?! This life- changing thing?!

This contraption can be made in a few hours with just a few materials and will enable you to dry your clothes whatever the season. Ours currently hangs in our little kitchen cabin and the heat from the fire dries our clothes within a couple of hours. You simply load your laundry into it, yank it up where it hangs from the ceiling, drying clothes perfectly whilst bothering no one.

Head HERE to the beautiful (though currently far too quiet!) World Sweet World for the tutorial I wrote- including a step by step guide and a perfect diagram.

3 comments on “Thrifty Home: DIY Ceiling Hung Clothes Drying Rack

    • We made a drying rack for projects by getting a retractable washing line from freecycle. you can balance creations on the wires and peg pictures underneath.
      We also made a ‘feature’ hanging wall in my daughters bedroom using cord and pegs to hang up the latest creations .

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