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Thrifty Home: Styling old vintage tapestry

Old tapestry is the vintage item that hasn’t been dusted off yet. Piles of framed embroidary sit all forlorn in the junk bins of secondhand shops, still too grannyish to adorn modern homes. (Erm, I might use embroidery and tapestry kind of interchangeably here. Forgive me.)

Jenna, painter, surfer and mum to one little girl, is making the most of it, picking beautiful tapestries up for sometimes as little as 50 cents/ 25p. She wipes the dust from them and finds the perfect place for them in her gorgeous home.

“I am a real textures person. I love the weave of cottons and wools, how it makes the colours burst out from the image.”

“I enjoy just how homemade they feel. You just look at them and can imagine someone making them, each one comes with such a history.”

Jenna has such a beautiful way of styling these old tapestries and vintage embroideries around her home that her super crafty Sister In Law crafted up a tapestry themed cushion. The super modern stag print right next to the rugged woolen tapestry just fits perfectly.

5 tips for styling tapestries in your modern home

1- Sometimes all an old tapestry needs is a new frame. A thick, block white frame would inject an old embroidered flower with a whole lot of energy.

2- Let a tapestry just be the back drop to a collection of cool trinkets- don’t worry about the whole image not being seen.

3- Mix and match old vintage tapestries with modern items too- a pop of modern colour can really bring out the brightness in an old tapestry.

4- If you find a tapestry but a few bits are manky/ coming apart, do cut it up and craft with it; bags and cushions would work well. You will have to sew the edge just before you cut it though otherwise it will all come undone.

5- Jenna provides the last tip “There are no rules. Stick to what you like, play around, ignore what you THINK should look good and you might be surprised!”

Right! Let’s all get down to the crustiest corner of the dustiest secondhand shop in town and start styling our homes with these beautiful things… Tapestries are going to be having a proper moment soon, I am SURE.


One comment on “Thrifty Home: Styling old vintage tapestry

  1. *swoon* what a lovely home! I was looking through loads of these in our local Oxfam yesterday and thinking how beautiful they are, they seem so much more warm and homely than just a framed print.

    It’s the same with finding old knitted and crocheted items, I love thinking about who made them and where they have been! L x
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