Thrifty Home: The frugal guide to fresh flowers in your home

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I was tired, enormous, grumpy, and overdue. I took restorative action and filled my home with fresh flowers. I would wander to the local shops and buy up all the half price blooms. It made a significant difference to a time in which I was pretty down-in- the-dumps.

Because fresh flowers can make you feel like a million bucks- the sad thing is it feels as if they can sometimes cost that too. Here are a few ways you can have the joy of flora without breaking the bank.

Visit your local big supermarket close to closing. They will often have put the price of the sadder looking blooms down to pennies. Snap them up!

Add life to droopy flowers by popping a spoon of sugar in the water with them.

Keep life in them by changing the water every couple of days and keeping the water cool.

Go for a few good potted flowers on your window sill. Some house plants will flower all year round and will take little work- this list suggest some of the best ones.

Don’t be afraid of rooting amongst the bins of the local florist. Some of my most luxurious and fantastic blooms have come straight out of the bin after the flower stall has shut.

See if you have a big trade flower market close by. I got my wedding flowers from the Covent Garden flower market in Battersea; beautiful and cheap as chips!

If you do come across a big bargain selection of flowers see this link for tips on how to arrange them.

Don’t be afraid of cutting flowers from trees in the garden or collecting weeds from the local park. Even a collection of big daisys looks lovely in a miniature vintage jug.

You don’t need a proper selection of flowers to look great. Some of the single flower bunches for £1.99 will add the perfect pop of colour on your mantelpiece.

If you only have a few flowers experiment with adding extras- sticks of rosemary, leaves, brightly coloured sticks, pom poms! Vases filled with JUST flowers is sooooo 2013!

Do you have any thrifty tips for getting blooms in your rooms? As always, I’d love to hear them!

5 comments on “Thrifty Home: The frugal guide to fresh flowers in your home

  1. This year I’m going to plant some bulbs and flowering, low maintenance perennials so I can cut my own stems at home. I’ll pick up budget seeds and bulbs as I’ve found that the only difference between these and the premium brands is a higher germination rate, and I don’t think I need 1000 seeds of each plant! Car boot sales are great for picking up other peoples divided up clumps of things like gladioli and monbretia! I also look forward to chopping off the bright yellow forsythia branches that overhang our fence from next door! Beautiful in a massive jug in early spring!
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  2. Hey Luce, been loving checking out yr blog. Super inspiring. We’ve found some absolutely stunning flowers in the waitrose skip recently, including 2 orchids! Crazy times we live in. Tons a love to you 4 xx

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