Wonderthrift Spring CLean

Thrifty Home: The Wonderful and Thrifty Spring Clean

I am not really a one for cleaning but at the moment we are living in a yurt in the middle of an orchard and all of nature would like to join us in our home. Each day is a battle against the bugs so I have somehow found a desire to keep our place spick and span!

Would you join me over the couple of weeks on a jaunt of Spring Cleanliness? It will just be a call out on this blog, every couple of days to set aside 20 minutes for a random job. The people who find cleaning hard will be motivated by joining another bunch of Wonderthrifters in the task and the people who ENJOY cleaning (i know you are out there!) can encourage us!

And you can share your thrifty Spring Cleaning steps here, too! We will be covering the larder (pantry) / windows/ medical cabinets/ paper piles and other bits and bobs that don’t normally get sorted.

Anyone with me?

3 comments on “Thrifty Home: The Wonderful and Thrifty Spring Clean

  1. I’m with you! Been trying to do the declutter in 40 days but seem to be struggling with keeping on top of cleaning as well!! Any help much appreciated :) ta x

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