Living Room Design: Ways to Recycle and Upcycle

 Your living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. Not only is it a place for the whole family to relax and interact with each another on a day to day basis, but it’s also a reception area for guests and great place to entertain during a dinner party or celebratory gathering. So when it comes to living décor, it’s important to create something quite universal yet still with a personal touch to make it your own.


If you have a tight decorating budget or you are interested in building an eco-home which helps to prevent the over-production of goods and aims to minimise wastage, here are some fantastic upcycling and recycling ideas to get you started.


For a catalogue of beautiful inspiring images for living room and hallway upcycling, take a look at this fabulous board on Pinterest by Bethesda Hospice and Charity Shop. Or read on for some great DIY ideas that you can do yourself…


  1. Rework Old Curtain Fabrics

Retro patterns and vintage fabrics are a sought after look in 2014/15. So if you have some old curtains (yes, even those old granny curtains from way back when might come in handy!), be sure to hang on to them. Because if you’re adept with a sewing machine, you might be able to squeeze just a little more life out of the fabric just yet. Think vintage look cushion covers, quirky wall décor, fabric place mats and coasters, reupholstered chairs or footstools.  Watch this great video on YouTube which shows us how to make upcycled cushion covers using an old jacket.


  1. Reclaimed Sofas vs. Custom Made

Charity shops or trade / seller websites such as Gumtree often list brand new unwanted furniture that owners simply do not have time to dispose of. Very often, furniture is in great condition and is sold at low prices. At flea markets or vintage fairs, you may be able to pick up preloved sofas which just need some much-needed fabric revival or a good clean. On the other hand, if you are not interested in picking up a second hand sofa but you don’t want to buy a mass produced sofa imported from another country, why don’t you consider a custom sofa designer in your local area.


  1. Recycle Old Glass for Light Fittings

Throwing away old glass bottles and containers is such a shame – there is so much you can do with a collection of used beer bottles or even a finished jam jar. Make sure your glass jars and bottles are cleaned and dried thoroughly – then you’re ready to start building your light fitting. Create lanterns by hanging apothecary jars or if you’re handy with the drill, drill together some upside down beer bottles to create a stunning chandelier. See how you can make your own recycled bottle chandelier in a recent post.

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