Three Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate on a Budget

Decorating with a tight budget can be stressful. So here we look at three different decorating approaches to help you get your home décor completed without bleeding your bank account dry. Read on to see which of these budget-friendly decorating approaches best suits you and your home.

  1. Upcycling: The Green Approach

The upcycling approach is best suited for homeowners who don’t mind giving up their time to dedicate to an endless number of projects across the home. This is a long term project that requires perseverance and a certain level of skill – so it’s not for the fainthearted (or the impatient kind). Upcycling can be used to rework just about anything you have; unused wood, unwanted storage units or damaged furniture can all be redesigned to give you a fully upcycled piece of functional art! Just a few ideas include creating a book shelf using an old pair of ladders, creating a gorgeous light fitting from old beer bottles, making cushion covers and fabric décor out of old clothing, or making a funky headboard from an old, damaged wooden door. Read 221 Cool Upcycling Projects That Will Blow Your Mind for more inspiration.

  1. Cost Effective Furniture Packages

Traditionally a service provided to landlords and those who are buying to let, ready-made furniture packages are today’s quick fix solution for anyone working under a tight budget or anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands. Unlike the upcycling approach, this method is best suited for a family with little time or a homeowner who is not looking for a long-term project. Modern day furniture packages are usually configured by experienced interior designers who can give you a ready-made home within days. Find out more about economically priced furniture packages here. If you’re looking for a decorating approach that is more environmentally friendly, read on…

  1. Make a Preloved Home

Create a home full of preloved and reclaimed furniture and decorations if you’re pet hate is wastage. Our landfills are a growing problem and this is a prevalent issue across the world. To prevent wastage, we can help by using preloved items in the home. Whether you choose to collect unwanted furniture items from friends and family members, from free furniture listings in the local paper, or you buy your second furniture from charity shops and flea markets, there are so many ways to avoid turning to a high street retailer for your furniture. Although you can find many listings on the internet for free/low priced furniture, it’s always best to check the furniture in person to ensure that it’s clean.


For more ideas on how you keep costs low or stay green, read 99 Cheap Decorating Tricks by


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