Thrifty Home: Spring Clean your clothes

Has there been enough of a seasonal change for you to tackle your wardrobe yet? I love this task as for me it heralds a whole weather shift.  We are going to sort out our drawers and wardrobes.

The main thing here is to make sure you have clearly designated bags for different things. I remember a couple of years ago when my brother in law took a whole bin bag of my sister’s favourite summer clothes to the charity shop instead of the charity shop bag. She was gnashing her teeth for days.

Gather: A bin bag (or several) A big box (or a clearly marked other bin bag) A suit case (or a clearly marked other bin bag, again!)

One bin bag is for the charity shop. Most charity shops have a rag-bag system so they make money even from the holey/ stained clothes that are donated. So don’t hold back!

One is for Ebaying/ a swap shop. Do you have really nice stuff that you never wear but can’t bear to get rid of because it is designer or you think you will one day be the kind of person to wear a fabulous white sequined jump suit? Keep it separate and sell it on Ebay for a great price or take it to a swap party where people will greatly admire your offerings.

One is for the loft/ parent’s loft (!) I use a suitcase for this or one of those wondrous vacuum packs where you can magically downsize it.

Right, Let’s go! What music shall we crank? How about  Here Comes the Sun for the Brits, and Autumn Leaves are Brown for the Kiwis?

  • Once again, be ruthless. Don’t hold to any arbitrary rules like “If you haven’t worn it in 6 months it has got to go” – find your own rules. My rule is “If I haven’t EVER worn it, it has to go!”
  • Focus on the outfits that make you feel amazing. If you feel rubbish in something, however nice it is, get rid of it.
  • Dwell on the amazing zen you will feel with a less cluttered wardrobe and all the money your favourite charity will make as a result of your donation!
  • If you can’t make a decision put it in the Seasonal Loft bag – when you get it out in 6 months time you will probably have a better idea about whether to keep it.
  • Keep at it, you are going brilliantly!
  • Done? Get those bags out of your room, straight away! Take them to the charity shop, organize your swap party (click here for a How To) and fill your parent’s loft up with your stuff!

*Clothing zen*

2 comments on “Thrifty Home: Spring Clean your clothes

  1. Unfortunately we have snow forecast for the weekend so think I’d better hold off doing this for a while!! But when the time comes I do love having a seasonal sort out :)

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