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Thrifty Logic: Ecological Interconnectedness and how “away” is rubbish

A little inspiration for those of us attempting to get on top of the rubbish we are sending “away.” There is no such thing!

I think this idea of “interconnectedness” is one that can encourage us in our endeavours to use less and recycle more. Because aren’t we just one part of a wonderful and precious circle of life?

*Plonks about on the piano passionately singing along to Elton John*

(Sorry, Sir Elton, totes not saying you just plonk about, that’s me doing the plonking.)

In October I will be joining in, with WONDERTHRIFT, Zero Waste Week. You can guess what the challenge there is, eh? Join up through their inspirational Facebook Page and we can do it together! Or if you are a blogger – join me as a Blog Ambassador!

2 comments on “Thrifty Logic: Ecological Interconnectedness and how “away” is rubbish

  1. Thank you SO much for this great mention and for rallying the troops. I LOVE this quote – my mantra tends to be ‘there’s no such place as away’… and this serves as a great reminder :)

  2. Oh God, I will deffo be checking out the zero waste link. The amount of unnecessary packaging in supermarkets and well, just STUFF everywhere, not even packaging, just drives me batty. Everytime I buy anything or throw anything away that can’t be recycled I get the image of ones of those oceanic trash vortexes (vortii?!) It’s just utterly pointless in our lives, yet causes so much damage to the planet! BAAAH! Rant over, *pops over to Zero Waste Week*.
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