Thrifty News: Remote heating from your phone? We’ll be wearing tin foil next

I can remember very, very clearly, many years ago when getting online meant sitting patiently next to the gurgles and beeps of a modem connecting, discussing with a friend just how far the internet will take us. The most absurd thing we could consider was being able to make things happen inside our own houses while we were at a friend’s house with a remote control. Things like turning on the heating so we can arrive home to a cosy room.


That totally exists now.

Evohome is a system that allows you to monitor the heating across each room in your house, to automate it and control it from your mobile phone, even when you are stuck at work.

If there is a technology spectrum for heating it is basically on the direct opposite end of what we have- a very rustic set up with a pot belly stove that we chuck logs on to!

However, I think there are some genuine eco elements to this high tech system.

It is really good to be able to heat certain rooms to different amounts and to be able to monitor this for any energy wastage. When we lived in a proper three bedroom home we were pretty energy conscious but every so often would come across a radiator that was in the spare room, well after our guests had left.

For busy households too, being able to switch the heating on or off according to changing plans is a WINNER. We often used to stay the night out at my folks after a last minute decision during dinner there, which meant our heating was left burning our hard earned cash without us feeling it’s warmth. How I would have DELIGHTED in whipping out my phone and turning it all off!

It is exciting to see technology developing in a way that supports a less wasteful way of life. I think that there is a place for this sort of thing amongst the other much needed elements of living simply and conscientiously.

Blimey. We’ll be wearing tin foil suits and dashing about with Jetpacks next…

This post is bought to you in collaboration with Evohome.

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