2 comments on “Thrifty Philosophy: Reject the myth that NEW makes you

  1. I LOVE your post Lucy- and the new Wonderthrift site- how do you manage to post so much from a camper van?!
    I have been attempting to blog my ideas and aims- to buy nothing new in 2014 on my newly amateurish blog craftyforager- tho you’ll only find it all on trudyturrell.wordpress.com- I could do with some WordPress help if anyone can offer?
    Anyway- take a look if you have a mo- I’m sure you can add loads to the things I ( almost) never buy list!
    Wishing you all luck in your travels- its a joy to share it all with you- and to receive all that inspiration- coming from the camper van!

    • Oh, great blog! Your writing style is lovely! I did try to comment but wouldn’t let me log in as my name/ URL so that is one thing you could change!

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