Thrifty News | A big announcement (and a small anniversary)

WONDERTHRIFT was launched one year ago today! I hit the floor running, posting almost everyday for about three months… And then I moved into a yurt without Internet and doing a blog post everyday was way beyond the realms of doable.

Blog posts kept stuttering along, just about thirty times less frequently… I made some cool connections with other blogs and was, very excitingly, featured as the Guardian Sustainable Blog of the Week.

I am still properly passionate about WONDERTHRIFT and its potential to provide thrifty, eco inspo, I’ve just been feeling disheartened for a few months about my lack of potential for doing the same!

Which leads me to my announcement….another blogger is coming on board to be a part of WONDERTHHRIFT.

I met Victoria two years ago in London, after we had been interacting on our other blogs for a while. We had a lovely cup of tea and a big piece of cake and she gave me the coolest Ramones Tshirt for the baby in my womb. (Juno still wears this shirt, 18 months to old for its official size…. But I love it, and that’s frugal living for you hehe.)

Victoria has gone on to do even greater things with her blog, the Owl and Accordian, and I am in awe of her photography and sheer craftiness. She has a real eye for beautiful design and a creativity that allows her to transfer that aesthetic into a normal home on the cheap. I think she will be the perfect other half of WONDERTHRIFT.

We hope to post regularly, to bolster people’s resolve to live thriftily, generously, creatively.

Thanks for sticking with WONDERTHRIFT- here’s to 2015!

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