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Thrifty News: An office built with cardboard

I once sat on a fold-down office chair made of cardboard – it was very comfortable and handy but it was quite obviously made of cardboard. It was a few years ago now, and in those years since cardboard furniture has come on in leaps and bounds!

Look here, at Flute Office. They have a whole range of eco office furniture made of cardboard that is incredibly styley and cheap. It is light, easy to assemble and wipe-able. And you can get stuff like logos printed on it too. (If I had an office I would get all my passwords printed on- I’m always forgetting them.)


If you visit this page you can watch a pretty inspiring video that features an entire corporate office kitted out in cardboard.

I have quite a lot of faith in the idea that it is products like this that will change our world, making it increasingly more sustainable (and colourful!)

Over coming months I will be featuring exciting projects with a Wonderthrifty feel – if you know anyone making or selling ingenius recycled stuff pass them on to me!

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